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Through direct approach or job advertisement, recruiting executives and managers is at the core
of our profession.
Making a recruitment mistake costs a company 3 to 5 times the annual salary of the position offered.
Choosing the right collaborator is a determining factor in company performance.

We are driven by two mottoes: in-depth analysis and optimisation.
No successful recruitment is possible without drawing up a comprehensive and precise job description or application pack.
We leave nothing to chance when we appraise an applicant, and our assessment process goes beyond the interview level. Indeed, we also attach importance to checking references with all former superiors, controlling certificates and diplomas, as well as levels in foreign languages.

Our hallmarks are :
- a constant information exchange, the regular follow-up of customers
  and applicants and the assurance of a weekly report;
- attentive listening, genuineness, and transparency in the advice given.

We guarantee the applicants we interview a clear and straight account
of the motives guiding the application outcome. Applicants have the right
to know, we owe them that much respect at least.