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Our training, extensive experience and qualifications in psychology enable us to appreciate the true worth of the applicants' behavioural skills, their potential and their cultural adequacy with the company.

Experience and expertise are not self-evident in our trade.

To us, the applicants' drive, motivations, ambitions and cultural fit regarding the company are as central
as the skills and potential we assess.
Sizing up this 'fit' requires subtlety and insight which result from the consultant's irreplaceable experience.

The Relief HR consultant is endowed with corporate experience in operational management and in Human Resources management.

Our recruiting-research team are experienced professionals who can boast several years of hunting experience.

The hunting process is carefully structured, time-tested and regularly updated.

We have comprehensive knowledge of webhunting techniques.

The network we created has grown strong through the years. Extensive sourcing capacities: our own address books, data banks (CV banks, social networks…), various directories and yearbooks.